This Touchingly Cute Project Brings Awareness To Stray Dogs

1. Like many major cities, Santiago, Chile has a huge population of stray dogs in need of a home or, at the very least, some positive attention.

2. In an effort to raise awareness, college students Felipe Carrasco Guzman and Violeta Caro Pinda took colorful balloons and tied them to the dogs.

3. The balloons had messages on them like “hug me” and “don’t leave me”.

4. If the tail is any indication, the dogs were pretty happy to have even the initial attention of getting a new accessory.

5. (And they looked pretty dapper as well)

6. The balloons made the dogs stand out and get some extra TLC that day…

7. …after all, it would be EXTRA hard to ignore this.

8. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder to appreciate those who need love around us.

9. Watch the whole video here:

Video available at:

If you’re interested and able to care for a dog of your own, check out your local shelter, ASPCA or Pet Finder.

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